so we finally got to see this film, ‘moonlight’- at first i found it disturbing – bullying and violence are not what i like to see, but towards the end, the film was SO tender – the cinematography reminded me of ‘in the mood for love’ by Wong Kar Wai – the colour and hand held camera were poetic essays of life.  the acting is what really struck me most , so the film is definitely high on my recommendation list.

the harvest moon at padstow, one of the images from my book stolen glimpses;  there is also a print available in Brixton Circus.

i also watched the last episode in the series of ‘call the midwife’ – although its a bit cheesy and always weepy, its such a good social history lesson of a period of britain to which i was born into.  how times have changed for women – can’t wait for the next series.  to make me even more broody, i shot some pictures of my friends baby Tomio, what a darling!




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