amazing women

i love that all my girlfriends have changed their careers and now are amazing therapists – nutritionist, osteopathy, pilates, hygienist, psychotherapist and now acupuncture – i get to learn more about natural therapy and am treated to more alternatives to standard medicine!

i have seen sarah a few times recently and she has definitely helped with my sleeping patterns – i seem to suffer from insomnia quite often.   recently she helped me with tension headaches that emanated from my neck.  i have to admit, i was always scared of needles and acupuncture, but she is so intuitive and gentle and has a complete knowledge of the harmonious that she has completely put me at ease with needles.

claudia is an intuitive cranial osteopath – her gentle hands are not only healing but restorative – i have never quite understood the science behind cranial osteopathy, but it really does work.  definitely recommended if you have had a fall.

i love that women are not challenged by anything – dont ever think that you are too old to start something new!  i was inspired by the fact that Julia Margaret Cameron started her photography career at 48.

another friend Caroline is a homeopath, who often runs short courses on basic homeopathy for children – its a great reminder of remedies for everyday ailments and emergencies  that are appropriate for all the family. .

i love dunwich woods, the barks remind me of needles.


tomorrow is international womens day, so make it a day for yourself, treat yourself, take time for yourself and remind yourself that nothing is unreachable – set your goal and believe me you will get there – it just needs determination, want and a little bit of effort.

this week i started experimenting with ink washes – it takes a bit of time to get used to how the ink dries and sits on the paper, but its a lovely medium that dries almost instantly.   you just have to take the plunge and experiment, its hit and miss, but if you dont like it, you can just throw it in the bin and start again…

4 thoughts on “amazing women

  1. Its very interesting…I don’t sleep well AT ALL at home…ive just started to take KALMS NIGHT, one a night..they are very good actually. Ive also started to walk everywhere (within reason) which may be helping also… however, when I am oh holiday, I sleep like a baby!! Strange! I am off to Dubai today and wont be taking my KALMS with me as I know I wont need them! xxx

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