pancake tuesday

we will never forget pancake tuesday, my daughter maude just loves this night – its always a family tradition to have pancakes at tea time or after dinner – even whilst we were away at the weekend i got the phone call reminding us that its pancakes for dinner tonight!

traditionally shrove tuesday is the day before ash wednesday when lent starts.   its considered a last feast with ingredients such as sugar, fat and eggs,  whose consumption was traditionally restricted during the ritual fasting associated with lent.  i have tried to remove the typical sugar, wheat and gluten from my diet – advice from many of my friends – but i am afraid that i have tried and tried and find it impossible.  i haven’t yet discovered whether it affects my system, so i guess until i do, it will still remain in my diet.

my kids absolutely love pancakes, but due to lack of time in the mornings, they are only treated to pancakes on a weekend.  so whenever pancake tuesday arises, they are all excited to have pancakes in the evening!  they will have them savoury with ham and  fried eggs, or sweet with nutella,  blueberries, bananas or plain old sugar and lemon.  i used to measure them out all perfect with delia’s foolproof recipe, but now i can just add all the ingredients, beat it all with a whisk and  add the milk until i reach the right consistency – it really is so easy, i cant believe that i see ready made pancakes for sale in the shops! remember you can change the flour for gluten free, the milk for almond milk or soya, adapt it to your dietary needs.

2 thoughts on “pancake tuesday

  1. the excitement of pancake day when we were kids! always the treat before Lent started…the smoking pan in the kitchen with my mother making them after school..always with lemon and sugar…then eating them watching crackerjack…showing my age now! xx


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