revisiting spain after the winter

its that time of year to revisit our house in spain – after the winter – to open and freshen it for the spring and impending rentals.  this rainy winter was particularly harsh and the list of repairs and renewals surpassed the normal A4 list.  we arrived late in the evening to seville, and spent the night in the city – makes a welcome change to driving in the dark to our house;  we stayed in  casas del arena, two former ‘palace’ homes converted into a hotel – reasonably priced and quite charming – its in a great position, just behind the bullring and the lively arena district.  walk around the independent shops – hat shops, stationary, spice – full of interesting things to buy.  Tapear in some of the local bars and if you are lucky , enjoy some impromptu  flamenco dance and singing by the jovial locals – the distance sound draws you into the bars.

we ate in el cairo restaurant,  a traditional style restaurant which was close by.  Arenal is a short walk from the shopping streets of calle sierpes and the neighbourhood district of Alfalfa, which is home to my favourite flamenco shoe shop.  seville is really a city to lose yourself, so put on some good comfortable shoes and enjoy;  even in late feb, the weather was a pleasing 20 C, but I would definitely avoid the heat of july and august.


09Mar2015_0060 09Mar2015_0057 09Mar2015_0027 09Mar2015_0021


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