boosting your immune system

i recently discovered the health shop revital on wigmore street – for a small shop it has a great choice of health foods and skin products and the staff are pretty knowledgeable.   did you know that at this time of year its essential to take the supplement zinc to support your system and fight off colds and flus in the winter months? the weather is being very erratic at the moment, some days cold and windy, and other days warm and balmy, so its easy to be caught unawares.   i usually take vitamin C in the winter months, but apparently zinc and olive leaf extract are much more beneficial.  echinachea seems to be the popular cold resistant remedy, but  olive leaf extract seems to be a wonderful all round supplement.  if you feel a cold coming on, taking the homeopathic remedy aconite at those first stages can sometimes help, otherwise the remedy gelsemium is helpful.

2 thoughts on “boosting your immune system

  1. I have been taking black elderberry capsules for the last two winters and they have worked very well at boosting my immune system and I have done much better at avoiding coughs and colds.


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