i love this short film by Jennifer Zheng – BAFTA-nominated short film ‘Tough’- it resonates so much with my own upbringing.  i too went to chinese classes on a sunday, only to rebel at around age 11.  sadly when i did wish to learn more cantonese, my mother had a severe stroke which has taken away her ability to speak properly – she has dysphasia and although she sounds normal, she is in fact mixing up all her languages and words.  the sad thing is she seems to understand what you are saying, but her brain fails to communicate properly with her mouth, so it is utter frustration .

Jennifer, a Chinese girl who grew up in Northern Ireland, examines her background and cultural identity in the film. All the BAFTA shorts are showing at selected cinemas for a limited time.

my mother holding my brother Paul and myself

3 thoughts on “tough

  1. So so sad when this happens…my mother has dementia and whilst she is very calm, I miss her more than words can say. Lovely picture of your mother with her 2 young children…how hard life was back in those days…xxx


    1. its been over 10 years now her stroke, and she still beams when she sees her grandchildren and i turn up at the door, so thats what is important. but now the dementia has arrived…….. how can growing old be so cruel? x


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