when i met robert he was primarily a travel writer, but once we had children,  it practically made sense to do less travel and take a job that was  financially reliable and so be more at home with the family;  however, we have been very fortunate that he continued to maintain his love of travel and especially travel writing, which enables us to take the odd adventure.  it was 4 years ago, when we made this trip to Guatamala, but the colour and beauty of the country has had a lasting impact on me.

20 hours is a long journey, but once you arrive in antigua, guatamala, its definitely worth it.   antigua is set within a backdrop of active volcanoes, a small town with some tourism, its very similar to san miguel allende in mexico, but less touristically developed.  we stayed in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful hotels, a converted 15C monastary, with its ruins in tact, the hotel has been sympathetically created around the ruins (caused by a major earthquake), to incorporate beautiful gardens and spaces.   the rooms and corridors are filled with beautiful religious artefacts, fountains and tropical plants to create a peaceful place to stay.   i definitely want to return to hotel santa domingo.

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