hotels in andalucia

its that time of year when we are all booking our summer holidays and this week so many people have asked me about hotels in our area of andalucia, so I have compiled a few of my favourites – some are more for functional and practical reasons, but some are just lovely hotels.

when we fly into  malaga, we choose to stay at finca cortesin, which is on the way to our house, nearer to Gibraltar:  its a bit of luxury, but a treat to start or end the holiday!  no cleaning, no cooking…….  its more corporate than our usual choice of hotel, but in the middle of august, there are not many places that you can stay for just a couple of nights – a lot of hotels ask for a min 4 nights or even a week so its perfect.

another place we love is la bobadilla, but its closer to granada, and definitely  worth it if you want to combine it with a trip to the alhambra.  in the actual alhambra there is a parador – government run hotel – which has been recommended to me, but i have never stayed there.  dont be put off that its owned but the government, they pick the most beautiful and stately properties to convert to hotels, a bit like our national trust.

for those arriving in Malaga, we have also stayed in the AC hotel malaga palacio – a bit business like, but handy to stay in the old town and right near the seafront – its perfect if you arrive late at night in malaga and dont want a long drive onto your destination.  Malaga surprisingly is a charming atmospheric city, despite it being the hub of where all tourists fly to – the tendency is to fly into malaga and drive straight out to your resort!  you can eat great food, culture at the picasso museum, see the great fish and fruit market, its one place on your lists to visit.

la sacristia  in Tarifa old town looks like  a nice boutique hotel to stay, right in the heart of the old town – again Tarifa old town has a wayward charm and is right on the sea front and of course there is the Hurricane hotel, just outside of Tarifa.

i love the understated chic of Casa de Carmona – its not the ultimate luxury hotel with gadgets galore, but shows glimpses of aristocratic life -the grandeur of a bygone era.   once you have settled in Carmona, its the perfect base to visit the beautiful city of Seville – remember thought that Seville is inland and very hot in August.  again its  a perfect stopping place if you arrive late in seville.  Again there is a well known parador in Carmona.

Casa La Siesta is a beautiful hotel in the countryside of Vejer, in a tiny hamlet Los parrallelos , is totally serene and grown up.  Completely newly built, but using beautiful old doors and all the local materials, it’s reminiscent of an old finca, and is so well executed its hard to believe that its not an old original place.  There are lovely terraces to sit and eat, a grassed pool area and the bedrooms are spacious and very comfortable.   The main reception is a lovely high ceilinged hall.   The only downside is that they don’t take children under 15 years of age.  Perfectly peaceful, and only 10 mins from both the sea and the town of Vejer with all its amenieties, its ideal for a getaway that requires total quietness.

in our small town Vejer, the arabic influences have remained very strong – amongst the architecture, food and interior styles.  of course i have been to the hotel casa del califa many times for dinner – in its  beautiful atmospheric garden, dinner on a balmy evening makes it the perfect setting – very romantic and the food is refreshingly different to the local spanish food.   its the hotel that i recommend to my friends to stay if I have no room left in my house, reasonably priced and situated in the main square its a great local hotel.  other recommendations are siete balcones and casa shelley, much smaller boutique hotels.

havent been to this hotel, but it was highly recommended to me – looks stunning – one of those special places for a special time.  have a look at al aguilon– looks like my dream house.   situated near the wonderful dunes of tarifa – the natural beaches are unspoilt and perfect for surfing.


Hotel Hurricane – just outside of Tarifa is fantastically situated, beautiful outlook and right on the seafront.  rooms are quite standard, but who is going to spend their time in a hotel room and the communal areas are so lovely.

friends also recommend 100% fun – sounds a bit of a naff name, but apparently its very good and again a short walk from the sea front and just outside of Tarifa – i think its the nearest you get to being in ibiza!

took a look at the rooms of sajorami, in zahora – again perfectly situated on the seafront, you get little cabins – quite like a chalet in switzerland – but very good value.

my favourite hotel to stay in Sanlucar is the Posada de Palacio, right in the historic old town, its a converted palacio, and not too expensive.  It has beautiful courtyards and lots of arbabic influences.  another recommendation is  Palacio of Medina Sidonia – its  a hospederia.  Their website doesn’t really do it justice and you have to book via email , but a friend who knows the area recommends this.

hope this all helps and happy holiday booking.



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