kite runner

its been a very cultural time – catching up on films and missed tv dramas.  this week we saw ‘la la land’ ;  there has been so much in the media and so many of my friends had seen it that i felt that we had better go and see it.  robert hated it – so much that it made me feel uncomfortable – you know that feeling when your partner is squirming around – i actually told him to leave, but he persisted and only stayed cos he enjoyed the jazz aspect!  i have to admit, although i thought it lovely and a romantic story harking back to the days of ‘singing in the rain’, i did think it was over rated and would have been much more pleasantly surprised if i hadn’t heard all this hype. i love emma stone though. contrastingly, the kite runner at wyndhams was a powerful telling of the bestselling book ‘the kite runner’;  i had read the book, but fortunately it was so long ago that i couldn’t remember the story – i just remember how good the book was;  the play didnt disappoint, the story still moving and emotional and the acting very strong.  its definitely one theatre ticket worth getting – even robert enjoyed it and he hadn’t read the story, but was aware of the political history of afghanistan.

over xmas i caught up on ‘the crown’ – and am afraid i am now addicted – still a few episodes to go, but its a learning insight into our own country’s history both political and social.   of course if you are not into the monarchy then it may all seem superficial, but it allows you into another world that reveals that even royalty have feelings and despite all that wealth and high living, all they crave is to be ordinary at times.   and finally, i watched the drama about the bronte sisters – to walk invisible -what amazing feisty women – its what what we need more of;  i loved that they persisted in their love of writing despite the struggle of being in a time when females were just seen as wives, baby makers and housewives.   fortunately you have time to watch again .

i love this picture of the boys in havana playing with paper bags as though they were kites.  its one of the pictures in my book ‘stolen glimpses’ – i still have some copies left….



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