for robert

so its our 22nd wedding anniversary today – quite an achievement- marriage is definitely not easy, its about give and take, patience, acceptance, sharing, thoughtfulness and constantly working things out and a bit of gritting the teeth at times.   but its definitely flown by, and its only the childrens’ ages that remind you of the amount of years that have gone.   i have learned so much from robert – about life, history, music……not only my husband, but friend, lover and soulmate.  here’s to the next 22 years…..

thankful that robert introduced me to the music of nick lowe – so many favourite tracks, but this one makes my heart flutter.

Let’s stay in and make love

I don’t really care
About tonight’s affair
We don’t have to go
The same crowd will be there

Like they’ve been before
At the last three in a row
Now your waiting in the hall
And I’m on the stair
Looking at you from above
And I say darlin just for a change
Lets stay in and make love

Please don’t get me wrong
I love to party long
With my special girl
But there some thing in life
More important
Than a busy social world
You say softly darlin
Your quiet tonight and your right
Cause what I’m thinking of
Is take off your dress Lets stay in and make love

Lets take a break
Precious moments to steal
Lets forget the chattering crowd
And get down to what’s really real.
Da da da da da da da
I’ll put on something that will groove us

You may dim the light
And come to me darlin’
Lets stay in and make love
Slip off those things and love me now

There’s a feeling of love in here
And its you, sweet embraceable you
Just for a change
Lets stay in and make love

Nick Lowe


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