the radical eye

dont miss this lovely exhibition of black and white photographs from the personal collection of Elton John;  its an opportunity to see the original prints from photographers like Man Ray, Edward Weston and Tina Modotti.   there is the beautiful image of migrant mother by Dorothea Lange.   the frames are slightly dominating, but just look past them and see the images.  made me come home and vow to use my film cameras again.

24dec2015_0028-1 24dec2015_0037-1 24dec2015_0035-1

2 thoughts on “the radical eye

  1. Lovely exhibition…how lucky are we to live in London, so much to do and see! On another note, I hate musicals, however, I went to see Lala Land at the weekend with my arty nephew and I absolutely LOVED it so go and see that if you are in cinema mode! I took myself off yesterday to see Manchester by the Sea…very different film but I thought it was beautifully written and so moving…bring tissues however! xxx


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