halfway and being homeless

i finally saw the incredibly moving documentary – halfway –  that my daughter’s friend Daisy May Hudson made about her family’s plight of being made homeless;  i have to admit, i cried all the way through – not just because i felt sorry for the situation, nor because the emotions between the 2 girls and their mother were so honestly open and raw, but because it reminds us that we live in a world that is so bureaucratic  and greedy that situations like this occur.   we think of homeless people as being those who have ruined their own lives, those who are drunkards or drug abusers or gamblers or just irresponsible  – what we don’t hear is the sheer truth that life is so expensive and decent accommodation is out of most people’s reach.  we talk about how lucky our houses have increased in value, the new handbag that we got for xmas, our next holiday, but for some people  the reality of having a place to live is a struggle, coupled with the sheer living expenses from day to day.

i also cried because i felt guilt and shame that i didnt realise the severity of her problem, the anguish and frustration that they must have felt, and what this documentary reveals is the dignity and strength that they all upheld in pursuing their right to a decent home.  i feel total pride for Daisy in not only achieving to make such a poignant and important documentary that not only outlines the nightmare that a lot of people in this country are living in, but her determination in sending this message out so that it can make a difference!  please support the film, its showing at the bertha dochouse – it truly is brilliant documentary film making!


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