swing dancing

so i started the new year promising  to dance again – i have no excuse there is a swing class 5 mins walk from my home.  it was fun, great exercise and much easier to grasp than tango, though you can get dizzy doing all those twirls.  its definitely appealing to a younger crowd, but there are always a mixture of ages and luckily quite a few men, as swing is like tango and you need a leader.   i have taken the role of leader before, and its actually quite similar.  swing patrol has classes all over london, so there is no excuse, there will be one right next to you and you will come out feeling exhilarated and happy – dancing definitely brings out the feel good factor!

one day i will get my husband to join me in tango classes – i notice that there are classes at cecil sharp house, which is just around the corner too.

adrian_anna_0139  IMG_0036

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