garden centres

i went to see my mother just between xmas and new year – what a pallava with the trains;  why they all decide to do engineering works when people are all travelling around to see their family surprises me – it meant that it took over 3 and half hours each journey rather than the usual 2 hours 10 mins.  i do realise that the lines have to be maintained and there is probably no good time that doesn’t cause disruption.

however, we were informed that as the train was over 30 mins late, we were entitled to a refund;  once we got home we went online and filled in the necessary forms and unbelievably we received about half our money back and on the way home, because my train was delayed again, i could claim again!  so its worth the effort.

my friend elise and i took my mother to Fryers Roses garden centre in Knutsford, which had a cafe for lunch and afternoon tea – it wasn’t anything like Petersham nurseries or even the smaller Darsham nurseries, but there was a shop and quite a good selection of plants.  dementia is definitely a terrible and unpredictable ailment – it really makes me so sad to see my mother suffer this awful disease;  strangely if you are only with her for an hour or two, you dont notice the difference, but over a couple of days, you really see the frustration and memory loss,  the hiding of everything, the paranoia of people breaking in…..  it really seems an unjust way to end your life……… fortunately she seems so happy to see us all, can still remember who we are and simple things like a trip out to a garden centre or a restaurant makes them feel normal again.

i love it when you can choose flowers by the stem, its an opportunity to select the ones that you really like and discover your creativity.  its definitely an art floristry.



2 thoughts on “garden centres

  1. I feel your pain. my mother has dementia, my father has dementia + my brother in law was diagnosed over Xmas with aggressive dementia/altzeimers (he’s 62..terrible) so important to keep busy physically + mentally now we are in our 50s…xxx


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