food banks

i was not aware that these places existed until i saw ‘I Daniel Blake’ – the film had me in tears;  and then i discovered that there is one, the trussell trust right next to my house and that my local waitrose has a collection basket at the front of the shop where you can donate long shelf goods to which the organisation go and pick up the items to distribute to those who need it.

and so, my husband won a hamper from my our local portugese shop – a lot of things we didnt need and my first port of call was the food bank – i also emptied all the bags of sugar, tea, tins of fish, pasta that you collect each time you shop – in case of an emergency – i am sure it came from my mother when there was sugar rationing and electricity cuts –  and donated the whole lot to the food bank.  if you are aiming to spring clean, then think about doing this – i have decided that each time i go to waitrose, i am going to buy those essentials, tea, coffee, toiletries and donate to the food bank – these places shouldn’t have to exist, but sadly the world has become a sadder and stranger place.


3 thoughts on “food banks

  1. Hi Christina, Happy New Year to you and your family.

    I was aware of food banks and how they are life savers for some people, its very sad they are needed but until our benefits system is overhauled to run more efficiently and humanely their existence is vital. Asda and Sainsburys near me also have a collection point which I donate to when I get my weekly shop, if everyone just gave a little regularly what a difference it would make.


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  2. Yes I used to go every Saturday morning when I loved in Brixton after shopping at Lidl and adding in things the food bank were asking for – also useful to know at this time of year – I took unwanted soaps I’d got for Xmas and they were really pleased to get toiletries too.

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