vintage dresses

i am at that stage of my life where i can’t decide what to wear – either in the day or to go out.  part of me wants comfort and practicality and then part of me wants that old school glamour of the movies – its so easy to get lazy and lounge about in your pyjamas and yoga pants, but when you catch yourself in a mirror, it makes me feel ‘unfinished and undressed’.   maybe its because we came from that era when sundays was for best and going to parties meant dressing for parties.  i am actually saddened to visit the theatre or going to upmarket restaurants and people are dressed in their tracksuits  – jeans are the acceptable uniform for the 2000’s – which definitely makes one lazy.  even my kids who happily would go out in pyjamas and big t shirt know that xmas day and going out with me means putting on something decent!  i know that appearance should not be so important, but its about pride and the joy to care.

so last night i went to Jason and Tessa’s house party and looking at the frosty weather shuddered at the thought of a thin silk dress, so opted for one of my few long sleeved vintage dresses – circa 1930’s – i dont think that i have ever had so many compliments about a dress – and mainly from men!  vintage makes you unique – no one else has that dress – its definitely cheaper than most high street brands and with a bit of initiative, you can always adapt any vintage dress to suit your body shape.  luckily this one fitted perfect!  i found this at Hunky Dory Vintage – one of my favourite places to find vintage in good condition.  by the way, i tried to get my favourite vintage dress copied in Mumbai, but it actually was a disaster and still cost me £100 – i now have to try and salvage it with a few alterations….  as robert says, you can’t expect somebody to make a decent dress overnight…..  i wonder how come these beautifully detailed dresses were made by some one at home with very little technology…….

vintage_dress_0020 vintage_dress_0019 vintage_dress_0014

glittery socks gifted by maude, shoes by zara – what i wore with the dress

5 thoughts on “vintage dresses

  1. Love the dress! I watched the film Mildred pierce yesterday..if you haven’t seen it, you must watch it even for the clothes alone…I kept freezing the film and taking pictures of the clothes I liked and will go searching in the new year! have a happy new year! xx


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