red shoes

i wonder if you are all thoroughly exhausted after the xmas festivities – i honestly felt tied to that kitchen sink – all the preparing, cooking and cleaning -(and I didnt even do the cooking) –  i keep threatening each year that we should go away for xmas, but i know that the family all love being together with friends and relatives that we only get together at this time of year – and accused me of being grumpy.   first there is all that buying, wrapping, then tearing open, disposing of all the paper and finding a place for your new gifts – you have spent all year clearing your space of clutter only to find it filled back up again……of course i love receiving gifts, but sometimes you wish that they were all spread out throughout the year rather than all coming at once!  anyhow, my highlight of the festive few days was taking my daughters to see ‘red shoes’ at sadlers wells, its our annual treat and the whole performance is a magical experience – the costumes, set and dancing are such a pleasure.  if you manage to get some tickets, it would lighten up any little girls day.


2 thoughts on “red shoes

  1. I totally agree and am glad its only once a year! Hope you had fun however On another note, RIP Geroge Michael…Bowie a HUGE part of my growing up and George Michael who I also loved…beyond

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