here is an extract of Robert’s beautiful writing from my book Stolen Glimpses


Maybe it’s because they are doomed that flowers appeal so much to photographers. All flowers are by their very nature fleeting, strictly temporary manifestations of the intricate wonders of nature. They are sexual displays destined to blossom, bloom and beguile then droop and wilt, shed and expire, their flirtatious beauty fading before our very eyes and therefor even more precious to the lens.

An unfolding blossom is essentially a slow firework, an explosive display of colour and form, scent and radiance, lighting up our lives before falling from grace. Designed to tempt and attract it is no surprise they are the eternal tokens of prospective passion, proclaiming our ardour when we are in love, but also lifting our spirits when we are ill, marking our mourning when we are in grief. The great moments of our lives: births, christenings, weddings and funerals, are all marked by elaborate bouquets. But even a solitary stem stuck in a jam jar or a tumbler makes the everyday a better day.

I cannot remember a single day of our time together that there have not been flowers.

available to buy from myself, Paul Smith Mayfair, Circus Brixton Village or Tidy Street Store Brighton.   makes a great xmas gift!


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