kurt elling

i am lucky that my husband’s job involves listening to music cos it means that we get to see so many fantastic musicians! last night we saw the charismatic Kurt Elling at ronnie scotts; i am not a big jazz fan, but slowly i am being won over – all my husband’s jazz muso friends are now so busy or away that i have become his new jazz partner.  sadly all the tickets are sold out for the last performance tonight, but its just a wonderful night out at ronnie’s, listening to music in an intimate and cosy space, takes you back to those dusky nightclub days of the 1930’s.   Could be a great xmas present, a pair of tickets for an up and coming event?  another favourite place is nell’s jazz and blues and of course locally there is camden jazz cafe.  i recently saw maxwell at O2 and although he was a great performer, you dont feel that the whole experience of going to hear music is as enjoyable.

i always loved these art installations at last years frieze fair, they conjure up some jazz aficionado

photo frieze


One thought on “kurt elling

  1. Lovely! What I miss about London, my home city, are the jazz clubs and the music venues. Madrid has its own special places of course, but Ronnie’s and the Jazz Cafe bring back great memories of v happy times.


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