woodburning stoves

now that the nights are drawing in, the days are getting shorter, its time to feel cosier. we have had our wood burning stove a few years now, and we love lighting it on an early evening – it really has made a big difference to the heat and it means that we dont have to put the heating on for the rest of the house.  there are so many stylish wood burning stoves on the market but if you are in london , you need one that is smoke approved as you are in a city, which of course makes the choice more expensive.  we decided on  the alpine from chesneys even if this is a bit kitsch for your taste, there are other more classic or modern styles to choose from.  in suffolk, we went for a more typical one, but one that is double sided, so that you can access it from both sides, very practical if you have adjoining rooms with a joined chimney breast.


3 thoughts on “woodburning stoves

  1. I’m SO happy with this post!! I have been thinking about putting one in as I have a huge fireplace and takes forever to get the fire going such a palava all the time. Have you had any problems it all ?? I suspect somebody has to come in and check the chimney first? xx


    1. its not as easy as it seems, and can be quite expensive, I used somebody called Darren Sutton at Ecosystem Stoves to install and he was much cheaper than Chesneys, but our chimney needed a bit of work! check him out and he will tell you what you need and how much it will cost. have a lovely day, we are in suffolk starting our wood burner, but the wood quality is poor and so the fire is going out. x


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