its a mans world

i heard this track by james brown the other day……..

its been a strange time and an unpredictable world – i can’t guess what is going to happen next……

i have been bemused to hear comments about my book being very feminine –  but why does this matter and does it make my book less important or worthy?   in a world that is striving to bring equality to both genders, it still feels a struggle to make your mark as a woman.  i stand up and accept that i am unashamedly feminine !

you can now buy my book from Paul Smith Mayfair, Circus Brixton Village  and Society Club soho.   read more about me in this week’s Ham and High and amazing to be on a what to buy reading list by Beauty Mart.




3 thoughts on “its a mans world

  1. Oh my goodness Christina, I’ve just read this open mouthed!! Thank God for feminine, pretty, gorgeousness( if that’s even a word) to brighten up all our sometimes dull, sad, miserable worlds!! Your book is so great, full of lovely happy photos!! I’ve had a rubbish year and this book cheered me up no end. I see beauty in everything, just like you!! Hurrah for feminine, lovely things, and people like you/ us xx


  2. How sad that something so beautiful has received some negative comments! That’s INFURIATED me! You have produced a beautiful book and be proud of it (which I know you are). You just cannot please all of the people all of the time. I love your posts and your outlook. You are interested in many many things but unfortunately, we live amongst some very narrowminded people!! xxx


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