hand tinted photographs

i love that my children now inform me of whats on in london and where to go – after years of trying to make them cultural, interested in art, and not on their laptops/phones all the time, they naturally start to grow up and become interested in the other pleasures of life, from art, food and travel.  yesterday i met my eldest daughter alice on her day off – she is learning mandarin at the city lit and then between mentoring a young girl at the bay tree centre brixton, she either does more studying at the library or finds an exhibition to see for free.  we went to the chinese exchange centre on gerrard street to see some beautiful hand tinted photographs made in the 1860’s in shanghai by an english photographer William Saunders – they are a lovely documentation of life at that time, from street sellers to locals they reveal the history of life in shanghai in the 19C.  i particularly love the ornate hair styles but also feel horrified to be reminded how women bound they feet to please society and men.  my mother told me that my great grandmother had bound feet, but luckily her mother evaded this terrible practice.


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