abstract expressionism

its autumn and lots of new art shows on – my favourite is the abstract expressionism at the Royal academy – quite an extensive display of art from some of the greatest artists, including Barnett Newman and Rothko.   Picasso’s portraits at the National Portrait Gallery show all the women and muses in his life and a wide range of  his many accomplished mediums from sketches, etchings, sculpture and paintings – its always a treat to see a Picasso and there are a lot of lovely ones here.   Beyond Caravaggio is quite disappointing, as there are not many actual paintings by Caravaggio – but lots by his colleagues or artists’ with the style of ‘.  but you can really see the depth and beauty in the master’s paintings  – so if you have never seen one close up, its worth going to just see.  and afterwards you can explore the amazing collection housed in one of the most extravagant galleries – we are so lucky to have such amazing collections and most of them are free to wander around.

I have rejoined my life class at working mens college – sadly, due to cuts to adult education, we now only get 2 and half hours per session rather than 3 hours.  we always start with 5 min quick sketches to get your brain going, then we have a long pose.  however it still gives me a chance to sit and draw and paint with no distractions;  i intended to paint at home, but something else always comes jp that needs doing more importantly …..




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