Stolen Glimpses

so I finally made my dream come true – a book that actually is all me!  not one that someone has commissioned, or used a few of my photos, or have edited and sells their stuff, but one that actually reflects me and my eye view, my outlook on life, my desire to live each day as best as you can regardless of the roughs and downs that we all have to face with everyday life in this ever demanding world.   of course, there are a few of my favourite photos that didn’t make the edit, but its an insightful story that glimpses the everyday,  making the ordinary extra ordinary – together with the evocative words of my partner, Robert.

you can now buy the book from The Society Club or from myself;  but there are only 200 copies, all stitched and traditionally bound in linen cover, embossed title and  wrapped in translucent trace.   there are 20 framed prints, mainly still life and landscape hanging in the society club for the next few weeks, so pop in for  coffee into this suitably apt surrounding with its beautiful art and vintage books and enjoy the serene in what is a busy part of soho.

14sep2016_0025 14sep2016_0038 14sep2016_0032 14sep2016_0034 14sep2016_0035

4 thoughts on “Stolen Glimpses

  1. Can’t wait to get my copy! Listened to your interview with Jo, really enjoyable. Going to be my go to book for the winter. Congratulations !!


  2. It is absolutely beautiful – thank you for all the inspirations it holds. Wanted to give to my husband for Christmas…but couldn’t wait and made it a present to myself.


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