i, daniel blake

its not a feel good movie, its not aspirational, nor is it beautiful – but its probably the film that has moved me more than any ever….

its message is stark, real and makes you feel ashamed to believe that this exists right on the streets next to you.  i can’t say any more except go and see this moving film and i will be astounded if  you dont shed a tear or feel torn inside  and uncomfortable….

however the special relationship between the two main characters and the sense of community with the neighbours is touching and uplifting.

and makes you realise how fortunate we are to not be in that place…..

its probably going to be my only post where i cannot place an image

2 thoughts on “i, daniel blake

  1. Very moving film it unsettled me and made me think of random acts of kindness, which I do anyway but not enough. I went to see Red Barn yesterday. Absolutely stunning peice of theatre. Go and see it if you haven’t already. Mad Men for the stage. I must admit mark strong drew me to it and I wasn’t disappointed! Xx


    1. hi maggie, I know what you mean, it made you feel as if you dont do enough….. it made me realise how unbalanced our world is and now I see homeless people through kinder eyes … may buy some tickets for me and alfie, who likes the theatre, thank you for your recommendation xx


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