photographers gallery

had to go to get some prints made on tracing paper – did this at call print on great portland street – they make them in black and white, usually for architects, but if you are doing a window display or just want a poster or banner, its a great and affordable way.  my architect  friend Maria , who i met at uni, came with me and on our search for methods of hanging things, we did a short tour of soho via the small independent galleries.  we ended up buying some hanging clips from morplan, who have a range of display fittings, plus reams of tissue paper and bags.   we popped into to see soho photos at the getty gallery including some lovely ones by Bert Hardy – make affordable presents for those men who seem to have everything;  feminist avant garde  in the 1970’s at the photographers gallery, – highlighting how much time has changed for women today –  so much more respect and equality for females here in the western world;   see the autumn leaves piece at marion goodman   and the contemporary pieces at  sadie coles gallery.

incidentally I came home and cut through a little street by my house and was shocked to discover an art gallery, david roberts art foundation right on my doorstep – and not just a little one, rooms leading to more rooms and upstairs they have an art installation which is all about sensory perception.


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