fluffy towels

everybody loves a fluffy white towel, there is something innocent and pure about a clean white towel – maybe its the image of your little one wrapped sweetly ….  personally i prefer the hamman style towel or the thin waffle types that you can get from the white company – I  actually get them from spain in our town, where almost every gift shop there are selling hamman towels.  recently i have had to buy lots of quality towels for the suffolk cottage, and though I love white company, they are pricey;  good alternatives are from soak and sleep, next home, TK max, though you have to be lucky as its whats there on the day, and good old John Lewis.  If you have to buy 18 bath towels  like I just did, i recommend Next home, they are egyptian cotton and pretty good quality for the price.  there happens to be a gigantic store on the way to the cottage at woodbridge.

here are the tiles finally placed in my suffolk cottage bathroom, aren’t they pretty?  they were from smoke and fire in Darsham. 

tiles_bathroom_0019 bathroomsuffolk_0015


2 thoughts on “fluffy towels

  1. I LOVE the Hamman towels, however the men in my house dont!! I think they look so pretty and much easier to walk around in once you have applied lotions and potions!! xxx


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