golborne road

weekends have suddenly become a time to meet my girl friends;   with the kids getting older and not wanting to do the same things as you any more, the boys caught up with the football season and cycling, i am finding that i have all this free time!  so its brunch at bluebelles ,  the golborne deli –   or lisboa for the traditional custard tart.

what did look tasty was the food cooking at the nearby moroccan fish stall – you could buy fresh fish, as well as sit and eat griddled fish.  i love golborne road – i had a gallery space there in the late 1980’s – and everyone told me then that it would get trendy – its now 20 years on, and now its just reached a lovely atmosphere with its ethnic mix of moroccan, portugese cafes and delis, splattered with antique shops and a few designers – thankfully small independent ones.  i noticed that ally capellino has another shop  on the corner of golborne road and portobello road, lovely bags, quite expensive, but not as expensive as the mulberrys and gucci’s. (please explain to me how all these handbags have become so expensive – its like buying a car these days ).  pick up a lovely embroidered basket, from fez – as well as a variety of moroccan baskets, you can find glasses, slippers and lanterns, all very well priced, even cheaper than what you can barter for in morrocco!

i have been dabbling in a bit of diy – painting furniture and touching up the walls in the house – so bought a pot of the chalky paint by annie sloan – its the first shop that i have seen stock the paint – phoenix on golborne and sells a selection of painted furniture too.

just opposite ally capellino on portobello road is lowry and baker – cakes for tea and  unite and type is a personalise your own mug or plate shop – but in a traditional typeset, so not at all tacky – would make a lovely present for a child or special anniversary.

all in all, its a lovely morning out for 2 girlfriends and a pleasant change to the usual portobello jaunt .

the shelf unit in my suffolk kitchen  is painted in paris grey by annie sloan paint, it gives a softer worn look to the wood.



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