paint colours

i have agonised over paint colours for the cottage – i wanted something different to the pretty pastel tones that i used in whitstable.  i did my usual – buy the sample pot, paint bits of A4 paper and pin them all up in different parts of the room, remember the light is different not only in different parts of the room, but also at different times of the day.  i then pick the best 2 or 3 and literally paint them on the wall, then make my choice.  its always the hardest part of decorating , choosing colours!  my favourite colours are always from paint library, fired earth, farrow and ball, little greene company, laura ashley – if you are interested in using eco friendly paint, then try earthborn;  for chalky finishes, try francesca’s paints,which has an interesting array of colours.  as the cottage is georgian listed  i have tried to choose colours in keeping.   colours that i used are london clay, pigeon, corn forth white, borrowed light and hard wick white  by farrow and ball,   deep slaked lime by little greene company and porcelain and sea moss by dulux.  the garden room is borrowed light.



i love the bold blue that you see in south america – searching for that famous blue colour paint is not easy, but try hacienda style .



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