lace curtains

my mother had net curtains, cheap and tacky and  i vowed that i would never have anything similar;  must be something about getting older, as i now have lace on 2 of my windows and lots in suffolk ;  i bought a couple of hand made pieces on my travels to belgium years ago and a friend hand sewed them into silk chiffon larger panel to fit the window.  its not easy to find good quality lace curtains, but thought that these look very pretty –myb textiles where you can also buy by the metre.    another idea is to scour kemptom market for antique curtains and adapt them with other panels to form the size that you wish.  i just bought a lovely old piece that was probably a tablecloth from the vintage car boot sale at kings cross – what a lovely day it was walking around granary square – sign up to their website to find out about the next one, they really are great fun and we bumped into more friends than if we had gone to a party!

i know that ikea also does a cheap alternative,  perfect for kids’ rooms.

20Jan2013_0047_1 20Jan2013_0077_1

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