vintage linen

i love the rolls of linen that you find at kempton market – not sure what they were used for, maybe industrial towel machines, and definitely some of the hopsack lengths that you can buy are sacks that have been unpicked and sold as runners.  they make great table runners, or you can do like i did, sew them into cushions or put 2 or 3 together for a sofa throw.   i  recently bought a lovely french white linen top – i love the way the initials have been sewn delicately at the front of the shirt and the delicate darning to patch up a tear.

if you cant get to a market, then look at the lovely linens at the blue linen cupboard

blouse_0011 07Sep2013_0006

2 thoughts on “vintage linen

  1. Hi Christina, you probably know this already but the red initials on the blouse were to identify who it belonged to when it was sent to the laundry or in a large household the laundry maids would know which member of the family a garment belonged to as most underclothes blouses/ looked the same.
    I’m glad you’ve found some good junk shops and charities around Wrentham, the cottage looks gorgeous, you take such care and the colours are so relaxing and lovely.


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