happy birthday to my brother

my super talented brother has spent most of this year helping me design my new book – which comes out 20th October 2016 . This has required not only patience but skill in juxtaposing so many varying images to work together.

Robert and I decided to collaborate on a beautiful art book to celebrate the time we have been living and travelling together. It will include more than 150 of my most striking pictures from the last decade, as well as a series of accompanying and specially written atmospheric pieces by Robert.

Stolen Glimpses has been made as a hardback edition limited to just 200 copies. Each book is numbered and signed by both Robert and myself and features a selection of images from all around the world; linked by a sense of serenity, sensitivity and place. Faithfully reproduced in full colour and printed on high quality art paper, the book is traditionally sewn in sections and is fully bound in cloth. The first 50 copies also have enclosed a special print exclusive to the book – this is an archival print signed and editioned.  The book will be available to pre order in the next couple of weeks from the society book club in soho.

So a big thank you to Paul and hope you had a lovely birthday.



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