missed my place by the sea, but now we have a cottage not far from the sea in Wrentham, Suffolk. its 5 mins drive from the beautiful nature beach Covehithe and 10 mins drive from the lovely seaside town of Southwold and nearby Walberswick.   its actually 2 georgian cottages that have been joined together, with wild flower garden, a couple of sheds and a summer house – we have spent the last few months repairing, restoring and furnishing.  i had totally forgotten how stressful it can be working with builders from a distance, keeping an eye on work, quality and price.  fortunately it is just about possible to drive there and back in a day, which is what i have been doing all summer.  soon it will be all ready and it should be available to rent by the autumn.

to make the journey seem shorter, i have been stopping off at different places to break the monotonous journey on the A12.  recently i discovered Woodbridge.  woodbridge is inland, but has a lovely village green on which you will find numerous shops, old and new, including a lovely violin making shop, moose interiors and lifestyle for lovely indian furniture pieces, vanil for scandinavian look, geometric rugs and cushions, , homespun for cashmere and labels such as YMC and margaret howell.  for healthy lunch, try wild strawberry cafe.

its been an adventure discovering the different areas of suffolk, but one that i have loved;  its not whitstable, and almost double the time to get there, but there is definitely something very special about the area. here is our local beach covehithe – beautiful sandy beach completely unspoilt.

_DSF6500_0007 _DSF6510_0017 _DSF6511_0018



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