lime blossom tea

am loving the lime blossom tea from my cup of tea –  i also bought the glass teapot with strainer, perfect for steeping the herbs in – its a really calming tea and especially good in the evening to help you wind down.

i fell in love with the mariage freres tea shop in selfridges – unfortunately its the only place to buy it in the uk, but i wanted everything!  its pretty pricey, but the packaging makes for a lovely gift and nobody can have too many teas!

a friend bought me some stylish tins of fashionista tea from america – not sure if you can get them here, but there are some lovely blends  all sourced from small tea growers, fair trade too, so everyone wins.

whenever i go back to manchester to visit my mother  i always love to visit teacup and cakes in thomas street.

sadly noticed that my friends’ local launderette in chorlton has gone – along with all the amenities that disappear off our high streets, but is at least replaced with a nice looking brasserie/bar, aptly named the laundrette.   elise has lived in chorlton for over 25 years, and each time i come a new bar/brasserie opens – its one of the things we cant buy on the internet – eating out!


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