whitworth gallery

alice and i spent a couple of days in manchester to visit my mother – i think its grandma’s favourite thing to see her grandchildren growing up.  we always eat dim sum at Tai Pan – its reliable,  affordable, easy to park and afterwards you can get your chinese groceries downstairs.  i used to think that dim sum in manchester is infinitely tastier than in london, but now i feel that they are all much the same, though a little cheaper.  definitely the better tasting dim sum come from the higher quality restaurants such as Royal China  – but you also pay a lot more.   afterwards we popped into the newly extended Whitworth Art Gallery –we took my mother before and its a perfect place to go,  lovely park, comfortable airy cafe in a glass extension that makes you feel that you are sitting in the park.  there is a good exhibition on at the moment, sleep, work and death curated by Elizabeth Price.  really enjoyed the film by the lumiere brothers. 


in the evening, i took alice and her friend to Tom’s chop house – which is a historically interesting restaurant and bar with beautiful victorian details.   a limited menu, but substantial portions and well cooked and presented – its focus is great british food, such as sunday roast, fish and chips.   we also popped into the city gallery to see the vogue 100, a century of style – which  i had strangely missed in london; amazingly this exhibition was free and definitely worth looking at, especially if you love fashion and graphics and style.   i went there with elise and her 13 year old daughter, who amazingly kept off her mobile and pokomon and looked genuinely interested in the photos!  its always lovely to finish with tea and cakes from teacup – the scale and presentation of the cakes is astounding and they have a great selection of speciality teas.    all in all a great visit, but shame about the rain – but then its manchester…….

lumierebrothers 31Jul2016_0048



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