chelsea physic garden

today i visited the wonderful chelsea physic garden – a secret garden right in the centre of chelsea;  established since 1673, its an independent charity that cultivates and promotes the importance of plants dedicated to the wellbeing of humankind.  a unique collection of over 5000 edible plants, all housed within the beautiful gardens,  and conservatories, its a peaceful oasis to find tranquility.  you can take lunch or afternoon tea there – its definitely worth it.   i particularly loved the victorian greenhouses, they were like little miniatures of the grand ones at kew gardens.

sadly my visit was in honour of my beautiful friend Carolyn – a fitting location to celebrate her life with all her friends and family – in the sanctuary of natures most precious gifts – Carolyn loved flowers and nature and i know that she would have loved this unique and special place, it reflected her character so now my memories of her will always be  reminded by my first visit to this harmonious garden.





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