flowers from my garden

all the warm weather has made my flowers pop out, but sadly it has also shrivelled them up quickly too – not used to this immense heat.

i have grown my passion flower in a pot to keep it down in size.  passiflora  gained this name due to the great imagination and devotion of the Portuguese and Spanish Jesuits .while exploring the exotic tropical rainforests of South-America they were astonished not only by the beauty and diversity of the plant  but also with all the symbolism that they immediately attributed to the plant. for the Jesuits, the flower of the passion vine had all the symbols of the Passion of Christ, and so it was named after this passion, not any other romantic or sensual passion that people might probably think of – after all it is indeed an exotic and extremely sweet fruit.  five sepals and five petals refer to the ten faithful apostles (excluding Judas and Peter). three stigma represent the three nails that held Christ to the cross, while five anthers represent his five sacred wounds. the tendrils of the flower are said to resemble the whips used in the flagellation, while the filaments, which can number in excess of a hundred depending on the flower, depict the crown of thorns. this powerful symbolism has led to the inclusion of the Passion Flower among the ornamentation of various churches, such as in stained glass window designs, altar frontals and lectern falls.


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