georgia o’keefe

a lovely day to spend at tate modern – walking along the river banks from waterloo to see some art.  i remember 15 years ago when there were very few places to eat along the river, and now there is so much choice.   a good starting point is borough market – you can eat very cheaply or finely – its your choice;  we tried arabica bar and kitchen, lebanese dishes, just perfect for lunch.  i loved the georgia o’keefe exhibition – i must admit i always thought that they looked too commercial, maybe its the iconic posters that you have seen whilst growing up, but seeing them up close and seeing the actual paint, you really appreciate the colours;  her paintings are quite varied, but apart from the flowers, she was definitely influenced by her home surroundings.  an elegantly handsome lady, her work spans over 7 decades and is definitely worth a visit.  there are also a few anselm kiefer photographs – how he gets those deep blacks alongside the highlights is just breathtaking – a friend of o’keefe, he not only took a few portraits of her, but also of the same views that o’keefe painted.

of course you can’t not take the lift up to the top of the new extension – the views are just spectacular, plus you can get a coffee at the very top!  all the public hallways and circulation spaces are very lavish and spacious, and as its over 10 floors, it definitely makes it less crowded.


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