hampton court palace flower show

it was the first time i have visited this flower show – but i really enjoyed it and in fact preferred it to chelsea – much more comfortable,  more spacious and therefore more relaxing.  there didnt seem as many big gardens, rather more exhibitors showing their wares, flowers and plants but its still inspiring;  its a great opportunity to buy your flowers though at what seemed a discounted price.  i came away with another rose – nostalgia – cream white rose with red edge.  the reason i went was to visit my friend Laura’s garden, ‘a summer retreat’, which won a gold medal – makes me very proud of her and the garden is beautiful with its relaxing shed and drystone wall, it really is a gorgeous place to retreat to.

we took a train from waterloo, then a ferry along the thames, passing the palace dropping you right outside the entrance to the flower show – it wasn’t because we were too lazy to walk, rather that it was a lovely opportunity to take to the waters and have a new experience.  of course we had an amazingly sunny day and this added to one great day out.  surprisingly the food choices were good and there are lots of shady areas to sit and relax, so I would definitely recommend it.  hampton court palace flower show is on til sunday.



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