Just outside of Tarifa are the dunes, along side  the beaches of Playas Vaqueros and Punta Paloma,  where you can also  marvel at the kite surfers, doing their somersaults in the air and riding the waves at an incredible speed.

The dunes are surrounded by pine forests , have incredibly white fine sand and makes you feel that you are lost somewhere in a desert!  (But you are still in spain)  The kids just love jumping down the sides of the slopes, though dont do this in the midday heat of the sun!!  Funnily enough , you are only 35 mins away by hovercraft to Tangier!   You can see the mainland of Morocco from the dunes.  You can pick up a daily boat from Tarifa to Tangier, have lunch, explore the souk and then get back again to mainland Spain that same day.  

2 thoughts on “dunes

  1. Harris and I attempted a walk in the dune here in the heat of day last summer, and the sand was so hot we had to dance to stop our feet from burning up!


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