I am back in spain for a few days, sorting the house after some building works, but with a few of my girlfriends.  its very different being away with all females, a much more relaxed and easy going vibe!    these girls love the beach though, so most of our time is spent by the sea – though the football has drawn some of us back…….

Chiringuitos, are small bars or stands that can be seen the length of the Spanish coast, usually on the beachfront they open up during the busier holiday times and are much more affordable.  There are different types, some selling cold beverages and others that are much more elaborate and may serve meals. Some of the most typical treats on offer are paella and sardines, although the variety depends on the place . last summer we frequented .gurugu , just past la chanca restaurant –  a vibrant pop up restaurant/bar, serving more modern food – not too pricey, the food was quite good, especially the noodles with vegetables, this only pops up during the summer months.   at the other end a very good value restaurant is el Cortijiyo – great grilled sardines and this is a more permanent shack.   another fun vibrant chiringuita is tangana on valdequeros beach – very close to the dunes just outside of tariff.   there is a lovely shop there too, caravan, housed in a caravan type shack, selling more quality summer clothes.  we now have pop up vans and trucks which is the english equivalent to the chiringuita.

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