colourful boats

i keep hearing about the flotilla of boats along the thames, but keep missing them- colourful boats lining the river are such a wonderful sight!  it reminds me of our trip to mexico city some years ago.

mexico city is just an amazing colourful city;  the kids will not only love the culture, but also the history that is evident wherever you go.  we started off in mexico city for 3 nights,  then travelled to San Miguel Allende and then onto the coast.  it was the most perfect holiday.  we travelled with Journey Latin America, who organised our trip immaculately – what could have been a big organising headache,  turned out to be a dream trip.  read more about our holiday.

Boats of xochomilcho; where locals rent one of the colourful boats, eat their lunch that they buy from the floating cafes  buy their plants and are serenaded by the wonderful mariachis, who float up and down the waters.  its such a colourful and wondrous experience.  its not just a tourist affair, so dont be put off by taking a boat – its a good way to see life along the waters of mexico city.

L1000284 (1) _MG_3224 (1) xochimolcho_3247 (1)




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