hayfever is something that i have never suffered from, but in the last few years i have found myself sneezing and snuffling and itchy skin, especially around this time of year.  I am not sure what causes mine, but the onset of blossom or grasses definitely is a trigger .

did you know that eating a spoonful of local honey is also meant to be a good remedy for hayfever ?  i buy the local regents park honey and it does seem to help – search for your local honey, you will be surprised to see how many of your local parks creates its own honey.   you can buy regents park honey from Melrose and Morgan.  its expensive, but then i find that most good honey is expensive.  remember to buy your own local honey though to your area for hayfever.

the natural bioflavonoid quercetin also acts as an antihistamine;  and apparently drinking nettle and chamomile tea curbs hay fever.  if you take the  supplement quercetin with more vitamin C, it improves absorption.   using happinose, a balm that you put round the tip of your nostrils really does help with a runny nose, it apparently stops the spores from entering through your nostrils, sticking to the product rather than penetrating.  you will lots of more healthy alternative balms too such as haymax.  another great place to find natural remedies is napiers – its available online and is a great source of information for help with most ailments.

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