a beautiful thought for the day

i have met so many friends through my blog, some i never knew and still have never met  – and others who were already old friends of mine . what I love are the messages of support and thanks, which always gives you the belief to continue writing.  some days I feel that I am writing for myself, but it is always a pleasure to receive words of encouragement from others.

this post is especially for a dear friend Carolyn who always reads my blog;  not only has she been a friend that has encouraged, supported, praised and influenced me in my pursuits, but is also a loving, caring and humorous person who has always been around since I started working in london.  you may remember that I posted about her beautiful pom poms in the past.    dismissing her own talent and  creativity to help others, she is totally unselfish, patient and a joy to be around.  she particularly loves my flower cards and has been so far my biggest supporter – I think she has bought every single flower card which always leads me to adding more designs.   and now i am progressing from cards to a self published  book, again championed by Carolyn – I hope to release it in the autumn – so thank you Carolyn for your never-ending  encouragement and belief in myself.

2 thoughts on “a beautiful thought for the day

  1. The world needs more people like Carolyn! and you too, Christina, thanks for all the beauty and words of wisdom and insight…I’m going through a painful time at the moment, as I’ve lost my dearest friend two months ago, who gave me so much love, support , encouragement and belief in myself,,more than anyone did, and often, it’s these little posts and words, or lovely photos, that can just be what it takes to soften, inspire, restore and uplift the soul..thankyou, sue x


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