crosby beach

made another visit to see my mother over the weekend,  but via liverpool to celebrate both a birthday and introduce the city to my husband, who had only ever been to the football ground!  we stayed at the vast and spacious titanic hotel, which is pretty comfortable but a short taxi ride away from the centre of liverpool.  we just missed seeing the interior of the wonderful metropolitan cathedral, its austere 60’s design is just beautiful – it will definitely be on my list for next time.  however, i did make it to crosby beach, a short 10 min drive from the hotel, with its Anthony Gormley sculptures randomly placed on the beach and in the sea, its definitely a must go to see.  i arrived just as a storm was brewing, so i saw it windswept with dark skies, but it just added to the drama and it also meant nobody else was on the beach.  liverpool is definitely a city of interesting architecture, from rows of georgian houses to warehouses along the docks, its a great weekend destination.

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