healthy breakfast pot

inspired by the nectar cafe triyoga, i have decided to vary my breakfast options – standard toast and muesli have become very boring, even though i change my brands and type of bread.  i made these really simple pots of oats and chia seeds, soaked with almond or oat milk;  buy green cardamon pods and crush in a pestle and mortar to get the seeds, sprinkle into the oats and chia seeds with a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of fresh lime.  sprinkle some sunflowers seeds and rose petals on the top, cover with some cling film and leave overnight – delicious with a handful of berries and so nutritious.  you can buy gluten free oats  or quinoa if you prefer, and for those of you reducing the sugar, leave out the honey and add some grated apple as well as the berries to add a bit of natural sweetness.  make 2 or 3 at once,  for a quick breakfast or for  a handy nutritious  snack.

i am very lucky to have parkway greens at the end of my street, not only does it sell an amazing array of vegetables and exotic fruits, but is now stocking a whole wealth of health food products, such as cereals, spices and oils.  i found the rose petals in china life, again just round the corner from me;  an amazing choice of high quality  loose teas from china, as well as beautiful ceremony tea sets.  i love giving the teas and pots as presents.

by the way, i bought these lovely linen mix tea towels from ikea – if you look carefully there are some really nice pieces to be found.

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