dim sum making class

my thoughtful daughter booked us a dim sum making course together as a mother’s day present ;  not only was it fun, but informative, it inspired me to cook again!  sadly (or luckily), my husband has taken over in the dinner department, my youngest daughter in the pudding side.  the course was aimed at mainly youngish couples, but its  a great present idea for teenagers

maude made an amazing chocolate cake for alice’s birthday recently – gluten free, it was  delicious, and cos you didnt need to eat too much at one go, it lasted for days!  she took the recipe from cake angels and its always a guaranteed success.


2 thoughts on “dim sum making class

  1. What a good idea! It’s my nephews 18th soon, he loves to cook, I’m going to book this for him. My husband has also taken over the cooking which initially I loved but now it’s getting on my nerves! Whenever I cook something now, he’s hovering over me, and I’m a good cook, so get the boundaries in place before fisticuffs break out in the kitchen! If I’m cooking, he is not allowed in the kitchen, if he’s cooking, I sit and drink wine and relax! xx


  2. i think that he will love it, there were quite a lot of men there surprisingly and its definitely aimed more for younger people. they have a lot of different courses, sushi, chinese; I think that my daughter booked it through a time out offer to get a special deal!! xx


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