we decided to spend easter with our very good friends Jon and Kim in padstow, but as the journey is so long, decided to stop part of the way in Bath. we have only been once before, and as we remembered, a very handsome city.  we booked the Royal Crescent hotel,  both of which was actually good value , as breakfast and use of the spa was included, which i can highly recommend.  its perfect luxury, amazing views and a short walk into town.  we passed lots of lovely independent shops, including antique, vintage clothes and homestyle shops.  we actually bought an old leather armchair form ‘off the wall’.  there was a great vintage clothes shop, vintage to vogue, but you need quite a bit of time to try things on, which when you are with your husband, is not the right time!

we visited no 1 the royal crescent, a restored georgian house that allows you to see how the houses would have been furnished at the time they were built – very interesting!  there are lots of well informed assistants in each room who are completely knowledgeable about the history of all the artefacts and period.



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