heritage homes

if you are really stuck for something to do over easter then a visit to the charles dickens museum is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are fascinated by the writer.  there are always lots of interesting events , but usually  there are portraits of the family, the writing desk that dickens used to create his famous novels,  his personal book collection –  and even personal artefacts such as jewellery.   at this time, the house will look very festive.  after reading his biography by Claire Tomalin my interest in dickens was born.

nearby is the  john soane museum – another architectural gem;  at the moment there is a Charlotte Bronte season, including one of her dresses that she actually wore on display.  there is a day coming up in april when there will be readings from her books.   not only is it a great educational eye opener, but an opportunity to see the inside of these wonderful london historic houses.

one of my musts this xmas holiday is to go to the geffrye museum – i havent been for ages, but its on my list to go again. its a lovely day out, combine it with a visit to the flower market on sunday, pick up your flowers and beigels form brick lane.

Sugar Almond Dress (Peach & Green)3502 (1) interiors_026

another  interesting and fascinating house to visit   – dennis severs house in spitalfields.   the 17C silkweavers house ,which was lovingly restored as a working house but in its original time, is an insight into life of that period and it certainly keeps your mind wondering.  since severs has passed away the house has been beautifully maintained  and continues to show in all its glory what life would have been like. – the grandeur of the wealthy, the darkness of the poor.  its a museum, cum drama, cum personal collection – its just breathtaking – your eyes dart from corner to corner of each of the rooms on the 5 floors – absorbing the different scenarios, the different smells, the crackling of the open fires , the flickering of the candles- it really is a must visit.  why not buy a visit for a friend – they would just love it.    think of art crossed with drama.

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