school of wok

i couldnt live without a wok – so how lovely to stop by this shop in covent garden, that not only sells woks, but you can also teach you how to cook in them.  school of wok offers 1 hour quick lessons to all day courses – its a great present idea for those who are difficult to buy for and need to learn how to cook – i am thinking of sending my kids there during the school times, i feel i need a bit of inspiration to think about what to cook for dinner – i have rows of cookery books, but somehow i hardly open them.  maybe sending the kids will inspire them to cook for us sometimes.  i seem to stick to the same 2 or 3 books that i have had for ages and the rest look rather pretty on the shelves.

another tip, the non stick woks seem good at first, but after a few uses food does begin  to stick – the best thing to buy is a carbon steel one and season it properly in the beginning.  school of wok offer this initial seasoning process with the purchase of their woks – so you dont even have to do it yourself.

alice has booked me a dim sum cookery class at london cookery school this month, part of my mother’s day;  we are going to do it together, what a great idea!  can’t wait!

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